Episode 7: Un-One-Upable

Episode 7: Un-One-Upable

Matt and Cat spend some quality time with the web-slinger Spider-Man. Actually, The Amazing Spider-Man! First up we take a look at an old back issue of The Amazing Spider-Man for some Related Reading. The issue in question is #6, the introduction to one of Spidey’s most famous super-villains, THE LIZARD.

From there we dive right in to our review of the latest summer blockbuster, THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN for Panel to Projector. Did we love it, or did we hate it? Did we nerd out in a nerd rage or spew compliments galore! Well tune in to hear what we rattled on about. It’s all about Marvel’s web-head┬áSPIDER-MAN!!!!


  1. EFC · July 9, 2012

    This was a good listen during my long drive today; every mention of “Thwip” had me grinning (“Doy” was a good runner-up, though).

    I must be a bigger Raimi fan than Spidey fan, because I had little interest in this Amazing version (finding out that they were going to bloat it out by retelling the origin again didn’t help) but I figured I’ll just wait for it to hit the discount theaters. But after listening to the two of you discuss the few pluses and many minuses, I think I might just catch it on television some lazy afternoon instead. Oh well.

    Also, please forgive me but I actually liked Spider-Man 3 just as much as Spider-Man 2 — and I REALLY liked Spider-Man 2. I know, I’m terrible.

  2. Matt · July 9, 2012

    You’d best seek forgiveness!!! I think what’s called for here is about 30 lashes from Whiplash and 10 “Hail Mary Janes”…afterwards you may feel cleansed.

    Naw, you’re free to dig it…I like half of it…just not the Venom stuff.

    Hope you’ve got another long drive next week, because our Dark Knight ep should be similar…though hopefully not so negative.