One Panel Wonder – Superman


Wherein I present a panel or two from an old comic, completely out of context and let your dirty, absurdist hungry minds ask WTF?


Okay, wait…wait…wait.  “I did the only thing I could–“???  Seriously?  SHIFTING EVERY LIVING THING ON THE PLANET TO A DIFFERENT DIMENSIONAL PLANE?  That’s all you could think of?

Superman’s internal argument:  “I should totally just punch this guy in the forehead.  No, stop thinking so small.  I’m the last son of krypton, the man of steel, an incredibly powerful alien who’s pledged himself to be Earth’s savior…I suppose I could molecularly shift all life on earth to a different dimension for a moment?  Hmm, or maybe BOTH!?”

That Golem stole his look from a Halloween costume I saw in college.  This guy in my hall just painted himself black and pulled all the glow stars from the ceilings of every other room in the hall and stuck them on himself.  In fact, I think I’m going to “dress” as Golem for Halloween this year and then act all hurt when people don’t know what I am!  “Man, what kind of geek are you?!  You don’t instantly recognize a poor attempt to mimic a one shot villain from a forty year old Superman comic?  Fucking geek poseur.”

I do appreciate that Clark’s taking a moment in the middle of his super-punch to think about what he’s doing in a such a completely super-expositional manner while breaking the fourth wall of the panel to make eye contact with us.