Matt and Cat Special: Talkin’ About Comic-Con 2012

Matt and Cat: Special Edition – A Comic-Con Conversation

Comic-Con has come and gone and just this past weekend the 2012 attendees clamored and refreshed their browsers to snag tickets for 2013. I (Cat) was among those trying for tickets and managed to score another badge. WHEW! Having attended Comic-Con now for 13 years and I still can’t wait to go again and again and again!

Sadly, Matt hasn’t been to the Nerd Mecca! So Matt and I sat down to talk about Comic-Con! We rattle on about how’s it has changed, where the comic books can be found and other random bits about the fun stuff that there is to see in the aisles and the panel rooms.

For my full rundown of Comic-Con 2012 you can check out Cat’s Blog here: Cat’s 2012 Comic Con Adventure

But before that, take a listen and enjoy our Comic-Con conversation! Then go out and read some comic books! KRAK-A-DOOM!