Episode 9: Bats, Cats, & Strays

Episode 9:

The Matt and Cat channel is coming at you with a show focused on The Dark Knight…the Caped Crusader…The Batman!  We are here to go “Bat” crazy just for you, and your listening pleasure!

First up, we review a back issue of CATWOMAN #1 from Aug. 1993 for a little Related Reading.  Catwoman starts off  working for Bane in this series. Why would she work for Bane? Who is “the stray” she’s living with?  How many cat’s does she have in her apartment?  Listen to us and hear the answers. MEOW!!!

And then we continue our summer superhero movie watching for Panel to Projector as we review THE DARK KNIGHT RISES.  Batman comes out of a Howard Hughes-ian retirement to save Gotham City from Bane!  Catwoman is on the loose!  Batman has a new “Bat” Plane!  Take a listen and hear our cheers and jeers as we compare the movie to all the comics we’ve read.  Did we like it?  Did we hate it?  Come and listen in “Bat” fans!

KILLER Dark Knight Rises billboard in Hollywood on La Brea @ Sunset...check it out before it's gone!

Enjoy the show and the go and read some comic books! Krak-A-Doom!!


  1. Shadowhelm · July 23, 2012

    I have that Catwoman issue! The first run had one of those gimmicky covers where it was printed on hard card stock and Catwoman’s “features” were contoured.

    I don’t remember much of the story but I think I have quite a bit of that run.

    • Matt · July 23, 2012

      Well Shadowhelm, if you want to know about the story, just listen to the show…as for her “contours”…well, they were smooth.

  2. EFC · July 23, 2012


    I think Talia was pulling for some Bane-style “feed people hope to poison their souls” cruelty with that cold fusion thingamabob; get Wayne and company’s hopes up about what that device can do for Gotham — a device that pretty much ruins Wayne financially — and then get her rocks off while everyone watches helplessly as it’s turned into the main tool for the city’s destruction.

    Sure, she could’ve saved herself a few years and a whole lot of effort (like snagging the scientist) if she just trucked in a nuke from Omaha and fulfill Ra’s al Ghul’s destiny that way, but it’s not nearly as fun as serving that dish cold with a side of irony to the man who killed her father.

    TL;DR version: Her plan doesn’t have to make sense because she’s EEEEEEVIIILLLLL.

    As for why people live in Gotham City after all that craziness, I’m assuming it’s for the same reason those poor people don’t move out of Japan every time Godzilla and his homies come to wreck it — it must be insanely cheap to live there and the unemployment rate is nonexistent (all those civilian casualties leave a lot of job openings).

  3. Matt · July 23, 2012

    Is that where you get spare nukes…Omaha? I’ve been looking for a few myself. And yeah, EFC, the whole EEEEEVIIILL thing is a good point. In fact, we happen to address those situations where EEEEVIIILL schemes turn SO outlandish in our segment Worst Villain Schemes…so if you haven’t heard one, go listen to Episode 4 for a doozy!

    And you’ve really got a point about Tokyo! I’m wondering now, who’s city is the most demolished? Marvel’s New York, Gotham, Metropolis…

  4. EFC · July 23, 2012

    You had mentioned Omaha while wondering about the logic of Talia’s plan, which amused me as I imagined an Alexander Payne film about some middle-aged out of work sadsack who takes a gig transporting the necessary equipment to Gotham on his old reliable truck. I’m thinking Clooney as the driver, Paul Giamatti as his hapless partner, and Virginia Madsen as the Manic Pixie Dream Hitchhiker they pick up along the way.

  5. Matt · July 23, 2012

    That would be a great flick! I’d absolutely watch that. It could be called The Accidental Terrorists or something similar. It’s not until they make the delivery that they realize what’s going on and then have to survive a big action movie ending where the cops won’t believe them so they have to stop the attack themselves.