Episode 8: Elvira, Satan’s Son and Versus…Oh My!

Episode 8: Elvira, Satan’s Son and Versus…Oh My!

Matt and Cat get together to talk comics and spread some Halloween spirit in the summer month! We start off by talking about Elvira, The Mistress of the Dark. Matt actually got to meet the Mistress at Golden Apple Comics and he gets a bit distracted fantasizing about his experience. Listen for the drool! šŸ˜‰

For a Back Issue Spotlight we review the comic book Elvira Mistress of the Dark issue #122 from Claypool Comics.

While Matt was at Golden Apple he went for a BLIND PULL and picked up Marvel Spotlight #13 featuringĀ SON OF SATAN, from Marvel Comics. Hear us tell you about the origin of this cursed soul, the spawn of the devil and learn how his mom was seduced by the evil. (He was handsome, they touched…a lot! Seriously, it’s in the comic book!)

The show then gets serious when we set up the battle for the ages, a VERSUS where Matt take on Wolverine and Cat champions LOBO. Bad Ass vs. Bastich, Frag Frag FRAG! Who’s the best man? Who’s gonna win the a fight? Listen and find out!! Then go read some more comics!

KRAK-A-DOOM! Comic Books Kick Ass!!!!!

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