EPISODE 63: Indie Reviews

EPISODE 63: Indie Reviews

Matt went and snagged a handful of indie comics at Comikaze last month and here we take a look at five different books from some up and comers.

We check out two from NATIONAL PRESS COMICS; first up is the #1 of MENHIT by Jaimel Hemphill, Art by Marvin Law and Colors by Mickey Clausen. Followed #0 of BLACKJACKS by Jaimel Hemphill, Pencils by John Lee and Inks by Gary Mitchel with Colors by Hugo Froes.

Then from OSSM COMICS it’s THANIEL #1 by Omar Spatti and Art by Terry Huddleston.

Next up from TurtleBunny Productions and Chris Callahan it’s ROBOCHUCK #1.

And lastly we check out PIMPKILLAH: The Retribution from Sarah Bitely with art by Alfonso Ruiz.