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Episode 60: Space Dementia

Episode 60: Space Dementia 

“Hooked on a feelin’…high on believin’…” Oh yeah! Sing-A-Long time! Matt and I are comic book movie nerds and we are here to flyin’ high on a space adventure with the GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY!

First up our comic book talk begins with four issues from the 2013 Marvel series GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, yup #.01 to #03. Find out how Peter Quill got his ass to Space and a few other comic book tidbits.


Then we move our space adventure to the big screen with the James Gunn directed feature of GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, starring a slew of stars which include Chris Pratt as STAR LORD/Peter Quill. I, Cat will be praising Groot while Matt offers up a fare share of praise to Rocket. Can you believe it? Matt liked it!

Here’s a few other sights to add to the listening pleasure, we had the handy dandy Marvel Index by our sides!


If you haven’t seen GUARDIANS yet go see it then go watch it and THEN come back and listen! We’re spoilery! Yup!