Episode 59: Villains and Shadows

Episode 59: Villains and Shadows

We haven’t done one of these in a while, it’s WORST VILLAIN SCHEME. I, Cat, dug through my back issue boxes and pulled an old ACTION COMICS #453 from 1975. SUPERMAN’S FANTASTIC FACE-SAVING FEAT! The bad guy, Nel’s Brother, has a scheme to impersonate CLARK KENT to KILL SUPERMAN! Does the plan come together? Will SUPERMAN figure out who’s face he’s got? You’ll have to listen up!


Then in a 90’s UGH (reversal) Matt shares one of his preferred 90’s superheroes SHADOW HAWK from IMAGE COMICS. The vigilante who has a perchance for breaking backs as his story is told in the second person. Who is that masked man?



For a closer look at the 90’s Matt shows off some of the more ugh-worthy pages!





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  1. DER · July 28, 2014

    Because I was a fan of the Spawn series (I don’t feel that guilty b/c I know it wasn’t just me)- I remember issue #5 was probably Todd’s best written story (the one about the serial killer/ ice cream man). #4 with the big fight between Spawn and Violator has all the usual problems with the series but it’s McFarlane’s art at it’s pinnacle- full of splash pages and gore- and it was more directly adapted for the movie.

    The series tried to “get respectable” b/c he was slammed on the writing so I think 8/9/10 he brought in Neil Gaiman and Dave Sims for single issue runs. The interesting part of that is he got in a dispute with Gaiman which is why you can’t get that comic in re-print form and the character Angela is now a DC Comics character… Anyway- I got back issues you can barrow 😉

    I know the movie is awful but I can’t help but like it. I mean there was once a time where you had to “take what you could get” in regards to comic book movies. You should talk about how Ebert thought it was some kind of classic at the time: