Episode 53: Nothing’s Free…except the comics on FCBD!

Episode 53: Nothing’s Free…except the comics on FCBD!

Back to reading comics!  It’s ALL about Free Comics!  And who doesn’t like Free Comics?  Well now that this 12th Free Comic Book day that has come and gone, Matt and I, Cat, are here to review of few of the books that were snagged along our FREE COMIC BOOK day adventures!

First up was the IDW comic V-WARS #0 from author Jonathan Maberry and Artist Alan Robinson.  A journal account of the events recently sweeping the world where Vampires and Humans are at war.  Who’s going to win and will we keep reading about it?


Next up, we check out TOP COW‘s RISE OF THE MAGI #0 from Marc Silvestry and Sumeyye Kesgin. It’s time for some magic, a universe where the magical orb has been tampered with and Asa, the soon to be hero has to step up and act fast.  Is this magical adventure all it’s cracked up to be?


Lastly, our usual favorite from FREE COMIC BOOK DAY is the hardcover anthology from ARCHAIA; MOUSE GUARD, Labyrinth and Other Stories.  We share our thoughts on 3 of the 6 stories; MOUSE GUARD, LABYRINTH and BOLIVAR.


And now we’re counting down until next FREE COMIC BOOK DAY!  Who’s with us? (See you there May 2, 2015!)