Episode 50: Spider Stamina

Episode 50: Spider Stamina 

Matt and Cat have made it to Episode 50, can you believe it?  So it’s no surprise that we get to a bit a heated discussion / opinion flare, but that’s only because love and passion are in the air.

spider what if

We offer up a BACK ISSUE SPOTLIGHT of Marvel’s WHAT IF… series, issues 20 and 21 from 1991.  WHAT IF THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN HAD NOT MARRY MARY JANE? and WHAT IF THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN HAD MARRIED BLACK CAT?  With the WATCHER’s help we found out the reasons behind the WHAT IF? scenarios in Peter Parker’s world.  Join us for some heartache, heartbreak and a wedding, for our post Valentine’s Day celebration.

trade 1 saga

And for more celebrations we talk about the EISNER AWARDS in honor of it being OSCAR SEASON.  I, Cat, finally got Matt to read the EISNER AWARD winning comic SAGA, from Image Comics Our comic review ended up leading to some fan flames being fanned but in the end we just love comics and our passions overflow.  So tune in, listen and enjoy our comic book talk. Whew!