Episode 46 – Giving Comic Book Thanks!

Episode 46: Giving Comic Book Thanks!

Gobble Gobble, Matt and I are most thankful for comic books, yup!  And thanks to an old article from CBR, Matt and I got some inspiration for what to read so we got our hands on a few THANKSGIVING themed comics for a few Back Issue Spotlights!

First up is JSA #54 where the JSA, JLA and a few other heroes gather to share a meal without any villainry threats.

Then in POWER PACK #19, the kiddie group gathers up a few other hero pals for their celebrations, between parades and family fights.

Lastly we return to DC for BATMAN: THE LONG HALLOWEEN #2 with Batman, Harvey Dent and Solomon Grundy!

Join us as we give plenty of Comic Book Thanks!  KRACK-A-DOOM!!