Episode 45: Conan-O-Rama!

Episode 45:  Conan-O-Rama! 



“What is best in life?” Matt and Cat wrangled a friend for another round of FAN FAVORITES.  It’s the segment where we grab a friend, ask them what their favorite comic is, read it, and then all geek out about it, or bash it, or love it…Mostly love it, honestly.

So, our special guest is Peter Tullio, a fella who really digs Robert E. Howard’s Conan!  He brought us WHAT IF #16 – WHAT IF WOLVERINE BATTLED CONAN THE BARBARIAN!

It’s all things CONAN and we hope you enjoy our ramblings along with a few Arnold/Conan impersonations that come about. Yup!  So listen up and channel your inner barbarian with us!