Episode 43: Hung Up On Horror Comics!

Episode 43: Hung Up On Horror Comics!

Matt and I didn’t get our fill of horror this past October!  And since Halloween is just barely a week behind us, we’re stayin’ in the horror mood and sharing it with all of you!!  YUP!!

So, Matt went to one of our favorite shops here in Sunny California, HOUSE OF SECRETS and snagged three blind pulls for us! Now, here we go!!  First up we’ve got the IMAGE comic CHIN MUSIC #1 from Steve Niles and Tony Harris.  Gangsters of the prohibition era meet demons, and there’s something strange afoot!

Next we stayed in the IMAGE realm with FIVE GHOSTS: THE HAUNTING OF FABIAN GRAY #1 from Frank J. Barbiere ad Chris Mooneyham.  Mr. Fabian Gray has been graced with the powers of five literary ghosts!  Join us as we question how this is possible!

Lastly we jump into VERTIGO’s comic COFFIN HILL #1 from Caitlin Kittredge and Inaki Miranda.  A rookie cop, Eve Coffin, catches a serial killer but is doomed by her family curse.

Listen to it all and find out which comic we loved the most, giving them a rating on our MYLAR METER!  It’s creepy stuff and we just want to share.