Episode 41: Heroes In Trenchcoats

Episode 41: Heroes In Trenchcoats 

Matt and Cat have joined forces to talk about comic books and super heroes once again!  We’re starting off this October with a look at the occult!   After some S.H.I.E.L.D thoughts we turn our attention to another TV topic.  Yup, the flames of hate were fired up for a 2-MINUTE HATE.

Matt made me, Cat, read the CRACKED.COM articled: The 6 Worst Attempts To Get Heroes To Work On TV by Tom Reimann.  He offered up 6 “superhero” shows, ummmm, mostly TV MOVIES, as bad small screen hero attempts and, well, we didn’t find much to agree with.  D’oh!  2-MINUTE HATE!!

Then we take a BACK ISSUE SPOTLIGHT to review the 4 issues mini-series from VERTIGO  from good old 1999, THE TRENCHCOAT BRIGADE.  These occult super heroes, bound by Trenchcoats, are ready to save the world in their own oddball ways.  Did we enjoy the trip to past and future?  Do you know who MISTER E is and what powers he wields?  Check out what we thought of this hero team-up, which also includes CONSTANTINE, DOCTOR OCCULT (ROSE PSYHIC) and lastly the PHANTOM STRANGER.

Stay spooky and get ready for some comic book magic!  KRACK-A-DOOM!