Episode 40: P.G. = Pretty Good Edition With A Kid!

Episode 40: P.G. = Pretty Good Edition With A Kid!

Matt and Cat are back at it once again after a long time off!  We searched high and low for the perfect comic to review and also  found a special guest reviewer, Cat’s niece Celia.  And of course we are also sharing our thoughts on the latest comic book show to hit the small screen.

We start up the conversation with a quick review of Marvel’s AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D., how does Agent Coulson handle his new team?  Well we got our opinion to share, yup!

Next up in FAN FAVORITES, Celia Q, a 9 year old comic book fangirl, shares her favorite graphic novel with us, AMULET: Book One – THE STONEKEEPER by Kazu Kibuishi, from 2008.  Matt and Cat delve into the world of AMULET and with Celia do our best to be spoiler free for you our listeners.  Celia also shares some of her comic book picks for other young comic book readers!

Listen up and join our fun, geeking out on comic books!  YUP!   KRAK-A-DOOM!!