Episode 4: Femizonia

Episode 4: Femizonia

Matt and Cat do a quick shot comparison of a SUPERMAN comic book and a scene from the movie CHRONICLE. Did Max Landis read this comic and use the idea in his movie? Hmm, we wonder!!

Watch The Chronicle Baseball Test HERE!!!


Then we  jump to some quick thoughts about the latest in DC news of a Superhero being revealed as gay. (Since we recorded this DC has revealed the hero in question! What do you think??)

In our BLIND PULL we review Image’s Eisner Award Winning series CHEW, the first volume trade paperback TASTER’S CHOICE and then we introduce our rating system a 1-5 scale called the MYLAR METER.

In another new segment BACK ISSUE SPOTLIGHT we take a look at DC’s series SECRET ORIGINS and issue #17 (Aug ’86) starring ADAM STRANGE and DR. OCCULT.

To warp things up and get to the big debate of our day we pick apart a villainous plot in WORST VILLAIN SCHEME with the SUPERIA STRATEGEM in Captain America #387-392.

Are these ladies the best to breed for the future of the world?

And now that you know what’s in store go and listen to MATT AND CAT HAVE BACK ISSUES! Then go and read some comic books!!! Comic Books Kick Ass! KRAK-A-DOOM!!

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  1. ezgoo · May 29, 2012

    Tongue Psychic..AWESOME!! I really love CHEW, but I haven’t kept up on it. Way WAY behind. Thank god for trades!