Episode 37: Snikty Snikt Snikt

Episode 37: Snikty Snikt Snikt

Come on over! Listen up!

Matt and Cat are talkin’ about WOLVERINE!  That’s right, Bub!  It’s time to focus on Marvel’s super tough mutant man, Logan!  We’re chompin’ our cigars as we go on about the big(really little actually…the casting of Jackman aside, Wolvie’s supposed to be like 5’3″) guy’s comics and latest movie!

The comic talk takes off with our Related Reading where we share our review on the four issue series WOLVERINE:  written by Chris Claremont and drawn by Frank Miller in 1982. (This is the series that had some influence on the new film too.) Listen up while we share what we like and we do our best to not spoil it all this time out. (We are spoiler prone.)

Then we wrap up our rambling on our PANEL TO PROJECTOR of THE WOLVERINE starring Hugh Jackman.  Logan, a.k.a. WOLVERINE is heading to Japan, where he’s battling other mutants, savin’ folks, fighting ninjas and just getting SNIKT happy.  Our feelings were mostly in the positive end of the spectrum.  Oh, and as we mention in the show, a little backstory on the mutant known as VIPER was in a previous episode of MATT & CAT and you can find it right HERE!!!  So listen up and stay tough, BUB!!  Enjoy this episode on THE WOLVERINE!

Oh, HEY there tough bub! ;)