Episode 36: Hi Yo Silver! There’s A Masked Man In Our Midst.

Episode 36: Hi Yo Silver! There’s A Masked Man In Our Midst. 

HI YO SILVER!!  Matt and Cat are on the trail of the mysterious masked man known as THE LONE RANGER.  We go all out with this masked hero, reading a few comics and talkin’ about the new movie!  Yup!

The show gets started with some RELATED READING as we share the oldie 1976 Whitman comic THE LONE RANGER #26.  Find out what trouble THE LONE RANGER and TONTO come across in the old west!

Then we continue with the origin story as is told in the first six issues of the 2006 Dynamite series THE LONE RANGER.  How did the Masked Man come to be this time around?  Well it’s a wild western adventure and we’re spilling all the details!

Lastly we move into movie review mode with PANEL TO PROJECTOR, since I, Cat, talked Matt into watching the latest Disney feature starring Armie Hammer and Johnny Depp: THE LONE RANGER!  Who is the masked man’s bigger fan? Matt or Cat?  Is it a hate fest or a love fest?  How much of the William Tell Overture can you stand?  Well, hold on to your masks and listen to this latest episode to get all the answers!