Episode 35: Cloak and Dagger and a Demon B.

Episode 35:

Matt and Cat put the spotlight on the heroic duo known as CLOAK & DAGGER for an UNSUNG HERO segment!  Do you know who this superhero pair is?  Want to learn more?  Well, listen to us as we review their four-issue limited series from MARVEL COMICS and give you the details of why we think they’re cool!  We’ve got a lot to say, as usual, about CLOAK & DAGGER!  Yup!

Then for a BLIND PULL, Matt made me, Cat, read a the Mature Comic called DEMON BITCH. We pretty much read you the whole issue sharing in Lucretia’s escapades as a succubus who’s escaping hell and entering daydreams.  Is it fun?  Is it really sexy?  How many times will I say the word BITCH??  Tune in and find out!

As Matt says; KRAK-A-DOOM!!!!!!!!