Episode 30: Stark Raving Matt

Episode 30: Stark Raving Matt

It’s a special edition of MATT AND CAT HAVE BACK ISSUES!!  Matt and Cat are celebrating a year of talking about Back Issues as we have reached Episode 30!!  It’s our one year Anniversary and we’re talking a lot, and it’s all about IRON MAN!!

First up we’ve got a few comics for RELATED READING; with Marvel’s TALES OF SUSPENSE  issues #50, #61 and #62 where IRON MAN and THE MANDARIN cross paths.  All the stories written by STAN LEE with art by DON HECK.

Next up, Matt runs through a quick review of the the motion comic IRON MAN: EXTREMIS, originally a storyline from 2005 written by Warren Ellis.

Last but not least we keep the conversation going with our PANEL TO PROJECTOR of IRON MAN THREE.

Of course you’ve seen the movie by now, so enjoy our spoiler filled chat and review of all things IRON MAN!  Matt does a bit of fussing and Cat has a good old time!  Listen up and KRAK-A-DOOM!!  YUP!