Episode 3: Sues Like It Long

Episode 3: Sue’s Like It Long

The back issue duo Matt and Cat are here to talk about comic books and introduce a few new segments!  First up with VERSUS Matt takes up MARVEL’s Mr. Fantastic/Reed Richards and I, Cat, root for DC’s The Elongated Man/Ralph Dibny. We square them off for some comparison and a friendly super hero battle.  Who will win?  The Smartest Man in the Marvel Universe, or lovable comic relief Ralph??  (Let us know who you’d choose in the comments!)

Next we present IF YOU LIKE DOT, DOT, DOT where we offer a comic book recommendation of Vertigo’s 10 year running series FABLES.

MARKETING MONSTROSITIES checks out ads crossing Candy Bar’s and Superhero posters and Zit cream with the X-Men.

Zit Fighters and X-Men!

Candies From Clark and Superheroes!

Last, and certainly never least, we offer up our PANEL TO PROJECTOR comparison of the 1975 WONDER WOMAN TV pilot starring Lynda Carter! What’s not to love? Matt does some drooling while I failed to admit I have a Wonder Woman outfit of my own. (It’s true!)

Super! Hot! WONDER WOMAN! Lynda Carter

Get to listening, enjoy the show and then you can get back to that closet full of back issues!



  1. jeff · May 21, 2012

    No love for the original Wonder Woman ABC Movie of the Week from 1974?


    • Matt · May 21, 2012

      Jeff, it’s not that there’s no love, we just haven’t gotten to it yet…In fact we talked about it, and about the Adrienne Palicki (sp?) pilot, and, long term anyway, we’d like to hit ’em all. Plus, other wonderfully strange shit, like the Dr. Strange tv movie and the Hasselhoff Nick Fury flick. We’ve got our work cut out for us!

  2. Cat · May 21, 2012

    You know, I haven’t actually seen that one! I want to compare that one to the latest pilot.