Episode 26: Never Go Full Space Raccoon!

Episode 26: Never Go Full Space Raccoon!

 Matt and Cat talk about comic book news that’s been passing through the internets!  Have you heard about the Green Lantern scoop or the latest Guardians of The Galaxy casting??  We have!

Then the hate fumes start blazing when Matt’s 2-MINUTE HATE segment on Marvel Phase 2 gets him all riled up, and ranting well past the 2-minute mark.

And then we have a little movie talk in SHOULDA BEEN, COULDA BEEN for the 2000 “Totally Original Comedy” Superhero feature film THE SPECIALS.  Have you seen it?  We think you should watch it if you haven’t!  Yup!

Beware of Space Raccoons while you take a listen!!  KRACK-A-DOOM!!!