Episode 23: Matt Like Cat Like – We LIKE Comics!

Episode 23: Matt Like Cat Like – We LIKE Comics!

Welcome to another edition of Matt and Cat Have Back Issues!  This week we have a new show topic, Cat Likes/Matt Likes where we each share a comic we think the other will like, yup!  Then we trade a few Marketing Monstrosities for good measure!

Matt starts off by digging out ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN #558 from DC Comics.  Matt thought I, Cat, would dig it based on the cover and well…he was right!  I am a Superman fangirl afterall and I and had already read it too, oh so long ago!

Matt’s Marketing Monstrosity also featured SUPERMAN and his deadly weakness, KRYPTONITE ROCKS!  Listen and find out why you would want Kryptonite of your very own!

I also picked out a DC title for Matt and it was BATGIRL #14 from 2009.  It features the super hotties BATGIRL and SUPERGIRL battling against the blood-sucking DRACULA!  Did Matt like it?  Hmmmmm, listen to find out what he gave it on our MYLAR METER.

And last but not least, we’re staying on the Superhero path with my Marketing Monstrosity, featured SHAZAM! and the soft sponge cake snack, the Twinkie! Yummmmm!

With so much Super, there’s lots of liking going on and more than a few agreements.  A rare show for the likes of Matt and Cat!  Tune in and hear all the chatter! Krak-A-Doom!!