Episode 22: Super Bowl, Super Sports, Super Comics!

Episode 22: Super Bowl, Super Sports, Super Comics!

Are you ready for some football??  The Super Bowl has come and gone…did you watch?  Were you cheering along?  Booing about the power outage?  Well, Matt and Cat spent the weekend talking about Football, Trading Cards and the Interplanetary Olympics, all thanks to some comic books!!

We kicked off with one big MARKETING MONSTROSITIES; an 8 page comic that explains the fun that is to be had with collecting trading cards.  NFL Super Stars gave us all their tips as we traveled across the country, from Stadiums, to Niagara Falls, to the Liberty Bell.  Take a listen and get inspired to start collecting cards of your own!

I've got your Moon right here!

For our RELATED READING we review Marvel’s NFL SUPER PRO, issue #1.  The origin story of the football super hero SUPER PRO!  Ace Reporter by day, Super Hero by night!  Are you ready for some football puns?

Lastly we dive into DC Comic’s STRANGE SPORTS STORIES issue #3.  Knights of the round table learn football and the Interplanetary Olympics has time travel by pole vaulting.  Did you know Matt used to Pole Valut?  Cat totally learned something new, thanks to Comics!!