Episode 21: Milky Misfits

Episode 21: Milky Misfits

Hey, Ho!  There’s Cartons of Hate and Wedges of Spite, but let’s all be nice!  For the latest Matt and Cat Have Back Issues we delved into a Back Issue Spotlight with MILK AND CHEESE by Evan Dorkin.

Milk is a Carton of Hate while Cheese is a Wedge of Spite. I, Cat, had never read this Dairy product and Matt hadn’t read it since his teenage years. So we got in touch with our hateful sides by reading the adventures of Milk and Cheese. 😉

Then we share our latest Marketing Monstrosities with an Ad for Computer Programming. It was all so simple then learn the way of computer know how!  Woah!

We then take a different spin on our If You Like…DOT DOT DOT topic.  If you like Comics, Matt and I suggest you give the TV show MISFITS a try.  Currently running on HULU this show features super powered juvenile delinquents and we dig it lots.  So give a listen, watch the show, see if you like it too!