Episode 20: A Gaggle Of Green Gargantuans

Episode 20: A Gaggle Of Green Gargantuans

Matt and Cat are kicking off the new year by going green in 2013!  That’s right, we’re thinking about the environment of comic books and checking out some green heroes and supervillains!

In our first 90’s UGH of the year we check out Erik Larsen’s SAVAGE DRAGON from Image Comics.  There’s some ugh-ing ahead, so brace yourself as we delve into our complaints of comic in the 90’s.

Once we get all the complaining out of the way we keep on fighting the good green fight in our VERSUS where Matt and I face off our green Super Villains!

It’s a showdown between Marvel’s THE LIZARD and DC’s KILLER CROC.  Who’s a badder bad ass?  Who’s tougher and greener?  Well we each do our best to figure it out!  Let the battle begin!

Stay green, keep listening and KRAK-A-DOOM!!!