Episode 18: All The President’s Comics

Election Day is just around the corner and  Matt and Cat have read a few comics with political twists and presidential themes for some BACK ISSUE SPOTLIGHT action!  Yup, we visited the WHITE HOUSE thanks to DC and MARVEL comics!

In our first of three BACK ISSUE SPOTLIGHTS we review DC’s New 52 ACTION COMICS #9 with a SUPERMAN in the white house written by Grant Morrison.

Next up we check out Marvel’s CAPTAIN AMERICA #344 and the story arc that began in issue #341 with The Captain vs. Viper who has a dastardly plan to turn humans into reptiles, including President Reagan.

Lastly, we check out the Bonus story in THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #583; SPIDEY MEETS THE PRESIDENT.

Listen up, hear our political comic book thoughts and then get back to reading those books! KRAK-A-DOOM!!!!!