Episode 17: The Beast And Monster Are Here!

Episode 17: The Beast and Monster Live!

The October Horror theme continues as we work though some computer trouble!  This week Matt and Cat offer up a few back issue spotlights!!

First up in our horror comic coverage is THE BEAST OF CHICAGO written by Rick Geary.  This graphic novel delves into the murderous details of serial killer H.H. HOLMES.  Who was he?  What terrible deeds did he do?  Find out here!  Just listen up!

Then we rave about one of our favorite creations/creatures in a not-so old “Back Issue,”  FRANKENSTEIN: ALIVE, ALIVE #1 by Steve Niles and Bernie Wrightson.  We gush a bit and beg for Issue #2 to hit the stands!  YUP!  Listen up some more!

KRAK-A-DOOM!!!!  Stay Creeped out!!