Episode 16: Post Traumatic Supernatural Stress

Episode 16: Post Traumatic Supernatural Stress

October is the month for scary stories! Matt and I are here with a few horror anthology comics to kick of the Halloween Month!

First up we dig through the classic CREEPY comics as we read the CREEPY ARCHIVES VOLUME 1  (From Dark Horse Comics)  and share the stories from issue #1 for a Back Issue Spotlight!  Dive in with us and hear about the 7 gruesome tales, including Werewolf with art by Frank Frazetta.

The second Anthology comic of our chat is a reverse PANEL TO PROJECTOR, hence a PROJECTOR TO PANEL where the movie came before the comic book.  That film and comic is CREEPSHOW, from 1982.  The stories by Stephen King came collected in a movie and a comic and we tell you all about the groovy picture book!

So join us as we delve into the horror comics and get ready for a creepy Halloween.  KRAK-A-DOOM and TRICK OR TREAT!