Episode 15: Time, Time, Time Travel and Sponge Cakes

EPISODE 15: Time, Time, Time Travel and Sponge Cakes

With the recent release of the time travel film LOOPER Matt and I dug into the back issue long boxes for a RELATED READING.  We traveled with the DC Comics series TIME MASTERS from 1990.  Rip Hunter the Time Lord travels in search of the Illuminati, does he succeed?  Did Matt enjoy the ride? What do we rate TIME MASTERS on the Mylar Meter?  Listen here and find out!

Earlier in September, on the 16th, Matt and I attended the Los Angeles pop culture convention;  Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo.  We share our thoughts on our day of walking the aisles. Comics, movies, games, horror, all things pop culture related!

Then, last but not least, for Marketing Monstrosities I, Cat, share a Wonder Woman Dilemma that involves a train, kids at play along railroad tracks, and Hostess Twinkies Sponge Cakes!

Take a listen as the comic book chat continues! We’ve got back issues a plenty for one and all!! KRAK-A-DOOM!

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