Episode 14: Bad Luck Balls

Episode 14: Bad Luck Balls

There’s magic in the air! Can you feel it tingling? Matt and I (Cat) sure can! We spill some magic juice and keep on talkin’ comics for another week! Yup!

First up we give a Back Issue Spotlight to RAT BASTARD from Crucial Comics. This 1997 comic began with a four issue arc called FIT FOR A KING, and Matt and I debate if it was fit enough for the read. Who is RAT BASTARD? Who are the HUJA BROTHERS? Well listen and find out what we rate RAT BASTARD on the Mylar Meter!

Next up Matt stands up for SCARLET WITCH while I wave the magic wand for ZATANNA in our VERSUS segment. Hear how I (CAT) can’t pronounce Zatanna correctly and Matt shows off  his massive magical Marvel knowledge. Who is cooler? Who is more magical? Will we even settle on a final score?

Tune in, listen and then get back reading those comics books!! Reading a comic book a day keeps those superheroes flying! Pass it on! KRAK-A-DOOM!