Episode 13: Almost Like A Sea Monkey

Episode 13: Almost Like A Sea Monkey

It’s that time again, Matt and Cat are here with a brand new episode filled with character spotlights, comic book reviews and nerdy debates.

It all starts with an UNSUNG HERO spotlight, though with a little twist. We do a Now and Then look at the superhero STARFIRE, a.k.a. Koriand’r. From the Teen Titans of the 80’s to the current New 52 series Red Hood And The Outlaws.

After digging through my (Cat’s) comic book collection Matt and I came up with a BLIND PULL and we read and reviewed an old Charlton Comics back issue; SPACE WARS #34 from March 1979. Find out what we discovered through this anthology comic filled with space adventures. Is that big squid even in the book?

An Oldman - The final story in SPACE WARS. What happens when you travel through the speed of light?

Then as our finale segment, MARKETING MONSTROSITIES, we share an ad that’s too good to pass up! The gorgeous, yes I said gorgeous Andy Gibb poster!

Now go on and tune in to hear our chatter filled with debates, and a whole lot of comic book love! KRAK-A-DOOM! Yup!