Episode 12: Flipping Castles

Episode 12: Flipping Castles

In this, the latest edition of Matt and Cat Have Back Issues, our Panel to Projector feature is the 1998 graphic novel and 2002 film Road to Perdition. Hear what we thought about the movie and book and what we rated them.

In Worst Villain Plots Cat share’s a dastardly scheme from the pages of the World’s Finest, Issue #93 The Boss of Batman and Superman. What happens when an evil scientist gets Super Smarts? What does he plan to do to “loot the world?”

Matt picks apart The Mandarin’s plot from the pages of The Incredible Hulk issues #107-108, Ten Rings Hath The Mandarin and Monster Triumphant. Matt even uses his issue of The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe #15 to keep the Mandarin’s rings straight.

Now, tune in and enjoy the comic book chat! Keep on reading comic book back issues, because Comic Books Kick Ass! Yup!