Episode 11: It Is NOT BooGo and Skittles!

Episode 11: Not BooGo And Skittles

Matt and Cat unite to talk about comics and that includes the latest Comic Book Movies and TV shows news. There’s a few things to complain about but even more to be excited for when you’re nerds like us!

In If You Like Dot Dot Dot we review SLEEPER: Out In the Cold from Wildstorm and DC Comics from 2003. It’s our recommendation for an alternative to The Bourne Series.

SLEEPER Issues #1-6


In our second round of 90’s UGH we share a letter from a DARK HORSE back issue; (ALIENS: HIVE #1) written by Bob Shreck. He comments on a bad habit of some Comic Book collectors in 1992 and we ponder how much has changed.

Tune in, listen and come back to comment! Back me (Cat) up when Matt tries to diss my favorite hero BOOSTER GOLD! Keep Reading Comics! KRAK-A-DOOM!