Episode 10: Nerd Flurry

Episode 10: Nerd Flurry


Matt and Cat are letting out their nerdy rage as the 10th Episode is live!  YUP!  Ten whole shows done and oh so many more to go as we plan to continue our Comic Book chatting ways!

In this 10th episode we start off with a BLIND PULL on a book I (Cat) found at a local book store. It’s a DARK HORSE graphic novel from 1989 called AQUABLUE which is french comic, translated to English by writer Thierry Calleteau.  Hear what we gave this sci-fi “aqua-vatar” adventure on our old MYLAR METER!

Next up we offer our BACK ISSUE SPOTLIGHT to more DARK HORSE and their four issue Aliens series ALIENS: HIVE from 1992. How does this ALIENS story compare to other tales?  You have to listen to find out!

Then we deliver a little segment we haven’t featured in a long while, the TWO MINUTE HATE where Matt and I pick a current comic book related event that drive us into flurry fits of ferocity!  Matt let out his anger on the Captain America sequel and I vent about the MAN OF STEEL trailer.

Listen up and find out why this panel is featured here!!!

Sit back, relax and listen up to the comic book nerdy goodness we came to deliver! KRAK-A-DOOM!!!!