Episode 49: Dishing Out Punishment – Part 2 – High Caliber Boogaloo

 Episode 49:  Dishing Out Punishment – Part 2 – High Caliber Boogaloo


It’s 12 shades of crazy this week, as I (Mighty Morphin’ Matt) am doing the post-scribbling, and the show itself is formatted all different-like!?!?  “Zounds Scoob,” you exclaim in your head, “What’ll we do!”  Fear not faithful Back Issues listener, for I am here to guide you through the singing muppet labyrinth, straight to the heart of Bowie’s stuffed codpiece!

Ahem…What I mean is, here’s this weeks show:

MORE PUNISHER!   This week, we’re asking the deep questions…What are they?  Well, you’ve gotta listen!

First up,  Punisher War Zone #1 (1992)


This pic doesn’t truly express the glory of this Die-Cut-Gatefold-90’s-Ugh-Classic

Which, we’re contractually bound by our Panel to Projector laws to follow up with:

Punisher: War Zone (2008)


“Hmm, our source material is mocked and derided as an example of where the comics industry went wrong? Fuck it, let’s mimic the laughable cover anyway!”


Yeah, admittedly, I hadn’t noticed until just now how the movies TRY to mimic the covers they come from…except for Dolph…he’s too punk rock for that shit.  NOT “too punk” is our next offering, the new millennial mishmash that is:

The Punisher (vol 4 #1) aka Welcome Back Frank (2000)


Yeah, I just don’t like the giant, kick ass, skull…just not movie material…Could we replace it with a jowly Scientologist?

And finally, fanboy fave, but canon curse:

The Punisher  (2004)


Witness Travolta’s “earnest” face…


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