Episode 48: Dishing Out Punishment – Part 1

Episode 48:  Dishing Out Punishment – Part 1


It’s 2014, and it’s a brand new year!  Matt and I started it by reading comics and getting ready for another year of MATT AND CAT HAVE BACK ISSUES.

To kick things off, we decided to go for a big old team up, so Matt and I brought in our pal Jet Olaño of AlienCyborgs.com to talk about THE PUNISHER.  This is just part ONE, only the beginning of a TWO-PART CROSSOVER!  First up we cover the latest in comic book related news and delve into the origins of THE PUNISHER with his first appearance in Marvel’s THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #129 from Feb 1974.

Then we have a PANEL TO PROJECTOR with THE PUNISHER (1989) starring Dolph Lundgren.  How close to the comic does it get?  Is it a good Comic Book movie?  Listen to us take and dish out some punishment.  Yup.