What are you doing here?  This stuff’s all old!  Why would you pay attention to something that’s not fresh off the rack?  Oh yeah, because it’s cool.  Here are our show’s “back issues.”  Enjoy!


Episode 1:  Appropriate Level of Destruction

Episode 2:  We Love Free Comic Book Day!

Episode 3:  Sue’s Like it Long

Episode 4:  Femizonia

Outtake:  2 Minutes’ Hate

Episode 5:  Spider-Cheese

Episode 6:  Debacle of the Decade or Showdown of the Century?

Episode 7:  Un-One-Uppable

Episode 8:  Elvira, Satan’s Son and Versus…Oh My!

Episode 9:  Bats, Cats, & Strays

Episode 10:  Nerd Flurry

Back Issues Special Edition:  ComiCon ’12

Episode 11:  Not BooGo and Skittles

Episode 12:  Flippin’ Castles

Episode 13:  Almost Like a Sea Monkey 

Episode 14:  Bad Luck Balls

Episode 15:  Time, Time, Time Travel and Sponge Cakes

Episode 16:  Post Traumatic Supernatural Stress

Episode 17:  The Beast and Monster are Here!

Episode 18: All the President’s Comics

Episode 19:  If You Like X-Mas… 

Episode 20:  A Gaggle of Green Gargantuans

Episode 21:  Milky Misfits

Episode 22:  Super Bowl, Super Sports, Super Comics!

Episode 23:  We LIKE Comics!

Episode 24:  Let’s Hear it for Girls and The Boys!

 Episode 25:  P is for COMICS!

Episode 26:  Never Go Full Space Raccoon!

Episode 27:  Evil Robin Army

Episode 28:  GO JOE! GO!


Episode 30:  Stark Raving Matt

Episode 31:  Another Free Comic Book Day With Matt And Cat!

Episode 32:  Matt And Cat Welcome Special Guest Jet!

Episode 33:   The Strange Tang of Queer Dirigible…BUCK ROGERS Style!

Episode 34:  A SuperMan of Steel

Episode 35:  Cloak and Dagger and a Demon B.

Episode 36:  Hi Yo Silver!  There’s a Masked Man in Our Midst.

Episode 37:  Snikty Snikt Snikt

Episode 38:  Cat’s ComicCon Report and Other Likes!

Episode 39:  Dreams of Fire Flame Wars

Episode 40:  P.G. = Pretty Good Edition With a Kid!

Episode 41:  Heroes In Trenchcoats


Episode 43:  Hung Up On Horror Comics!

Episode 44:  MEW MEW!

Episode 45:  Conan-O-Rama!

Episode 46:  Giving Comic Book Thanks!

Episode 47:  The Jingle X-mas Eye Pop

Episode 48:  Dishing Out Punishment – Part 1

Episode 49:  Dishing Out Punishment – Part 2 – High Caliber Boogaloo

Episode 50:  Spider Stamina

Episode 51:  Sugary Sweets For All

Episode 52:  Matt Likes Winter, Whoa!

Episode 53:  Nothing’s Free…except the comics on FCBD!

 Episode 54:  Spidey is Amazing…(In Comic Books)

Episode 55:  Space Polymers

Episode 56:  That Mean Green Warm Blue Feelin’

Episode 57:  Joining The Ape Planet, But Cat Won’t Rap

Episode 58:  The Angry Juices Flow