MATT AND CAT HAVE BACK ISSUES is a super secret organization headquartered in the former broom closet of a mylar bag factory…or it’s also possible that we’re a comic book themed podcast.  Hosted by the appropriately named Matt & Cat, the show focuses on having fun with comic books.  Many other podcasts review the new releases, while we prefer to cover comic related movies, shows, merchandise, current events, and mostly our many many back issues!

We have a longbox full of fun segment topics, (like Worst Villain Scheme, Panel to Projector, or Unsung Heroes) and each show we burn through a few of ’em with the firery zeal of long time comic fans.  So sit back and listen to what is easily the audio equivalent of a factory sealed, pre-bagged, first printing of a #0, with a glow-in-the-dark die-cut cover and limited edition hologram trading card!

Yup, we're totally the new dynamic duo!

MATT can often be found staring off into space mentally delivering villain monologues about commonplace situations…”Once I use this alien technology to finish my alterations on this popcorn machine, I’ll over pop half of Los Angeles, forcing them to bend to my will…”  He’s been collecting comics since he was 11.  He can sometimes be “entertainment snobby” and gets labeled a “hater” for it…though in his mind it’s nothing to do with hating something, just a disdain for mediocrity.  The first time he ever wrote to a publisher was to complain about Rob Liefeld’s shitty art when he took over penciling The New Mutants.   He’s been called “history’s greatest monster” but it’s possible that was meant as a joke.  He enjoys gin, horror comics and cosplay girls.  He doesn’t enjoy babies, pets, or writing about himself, and so when pressed to do so will blather on for a few sentences in the third person to make it seem like someone else wrote it.


First Comic:  Captain America #315

CAP + The Serpent Society + The Porcupine = Awesome!

Favorite Titles:  Captain America…Johnny the Homicidal Maniac…Milk and Cheese…The Flash…Creepy…X-Men…American Splendor…X-Factor…Y The Last Man…Swamp Thing, Hell, anything by Alan Moore (I’d read his grocery list if he published it)

Favorite Comic Based Movie:   I’m going to risk your scorn here and say Batman the Movie(1966)…It’s like an old friend…or an old pair of sweat pants…or an old friend IN an old pair of sweat pants.  I can kick back and giggle with it anytime.

Favorite Comic Memorabilia:   My “we don’t accept unsolicited submissions” rejection letter from Marvel Comics…it’s on Spidey letterhead with a faux Stan Lee signature!

Comic Related Aspiration:   Get shit-faced on (legit) absinthe with Alan Moore…you know he’d be able to get the real stuff.





CAT thinks Comic Books Kick Ass! At the age of 12 Cat began collecting comic books when she bought four for $1 at the now long gone Book Castle. Cat still buys books on a weekly basis and stores 70+ long comic boxes at her parent’s house. Eternally a DC fangirl Cat’s favorite hero is Booster Gold followed by Superman. (Cat even has a Superman S tattoo!) Cat is finally sharing her comic book love with the world by yapping about her collection. When not in comic book mode Cat can be found watching movies and obsessing over her all time favorite film DARKMAN.

How does this work? Does Booster Gold have kryptonite in his pants?

First Comic:  Action Comics #594 (Superman vs. Booster Gold!)

Favorite Titles:  Booster Gold, Superman, Batman, Action Comics, Optic Nerve, Zero Girl, Lenore, Justice League, The Thing, Fantastic Four, Liberty Meadows, The Walking Dead, Stray Bullets, Swamp Thing, Howard The Duck, Supergirl, Wonder Woman. (Yup, A lot of Super Hero books…)

Favorite Comic Based Movie:  SUPERMAN: The Movie / Superman II and runner up goes to The Rocketeer.

Favorite Comic Memorabilia:  The Letter from the comic book shop PARTS UNKNOWN, whom I wrote (snail mail) when I was searching for the remaining issues of Booster Gold to complete my collection. They did not have the books I asked for so they sent me a few other comics that featured Booster Gold. This was pre-internet days, folks! No Amazon, no e-bay! The Booster Gold collection #1-25 was eventually collected thanks to the back issue bins of another store.

Comic Related Aspiration:  Having my own comic book store.


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