Matt And Cat – 2 Minute Hate Outtake!

When Matt and I (Cat) were getting our podcast ready and coming up with segments we did a few practice runs.  THE TWO MINUTE HATE is a discussion where we share what we’re peeved about. In this outtake Matt went on to complain about an article written on the film THE AVENGERS while I shared my  major dislike of a superhero movie known as SUPERMAN RETURNS!

Take a listen and know that we’ll be back next week with a full episode, which we’re recording on Friday! Episode 5 is on the way!!

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One comment

  1. EFC · June 5, 2012

    “…and it makes me mad, and it makes me cry, and I hate it.”

    Which is really the only way I’d accept straight-up hating on any film, if you’re being affected that way by it. It did seem pretty perverse to have all those henchmen get smooshed, rather than get some good ol’ Super-justice. As for the article on The Avengers, that just sounds like Armond White-style attention trolling, rather than legitimate opinion. Screw that guy.